CD Burning Problem

I am having a problem burning music to CD. It’s an odd problem in the fact that I can burn DVDs, files to a CD or from DVD to DVD and CD to CD, but I can’t burn music in any way shape or form. Normally, I just use Windows Media Player 10 to burn music CDs, but not any longer. I have tried Nero, CopyToDVD, Winamp, CD Burner XPpro and all of them have the same result. They will convert, MP3s in preparation to burn, but that’s it, nothing else.

I have a HP DVD Writer DVD 420i and a Lite-On DVDRW SOHW 1613-s burners installed. I have used both of them in the past to burn pictures to CD, Copy CDs, and to burn DVDs as well as copying already decoded DVDs. I can rip CDs from either drive but can only listen to a CD played on the HP drive. I have converted Mp3s to Wave files and tried to burn them that way, but I can’t do that either nor from a CD image.

I have updated my ASPI files and checked to see that they are properly installed. They are. I am getting a power calibration error message on the HP drive when using the Nero drive tool, but I believe that to be a false error message. With the Lite-On burner and using Nero to attempt to burna music CD, Nero will make it to 4% percent completion and that’s as far as it will go. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

Have you downloaded the most current updates for NERO? If not do that and try again.

I have the newest Nero that I just downloaded yesterday.

Does Nero give you the option of saving a log? If it does then this can sometimes be helpful, not that I know how to interpret it.

Between the time of it working & not did you do anything like disable any services , install new software etc?

Get Burrrn ( ) & give that a shot. It’s actually quite a nice little app.

nero info tool log might be useful run it and click the diskete icon and click save
copy & paste it in here