Cd burning problem

Ok i have the newest version of nero, 6.6. When i go to burn a cd, befor burning, it says that the data will not fit on the disk, and it says that the blank disk is only 529mb. It does this on every disk i put in. And my other pc, sometimes when i burn, i get a bsd that says that the system went into an infinite loop. Both pcs have xp sp1 with all hotfixes… i reformatted 1 and it has no sp and no hotfixes, still says that the disk is only 529mb.

What make of CD-R are you using?. It may well be they really are only 529MB.

ben :slight_smile:

memorex, they are 700meg disks. a spool of 100. have used half the spool already so they are verified. plus, i burn disks here at work from the same spool. they are 700mb disks