Cd Burning Problem cdrw nec9300a

Hi Guys,

Im having Serious Problems With my CDRW Driver, It worked perfect up to a month ago and now when I go to burn tracks onto a blank cd Nero or Whatever burning software Im using just freezes awhile I can also here the blank media in my drive clicking but again not actually burning. Ive tried Several Different CDRW Disc Brands and all to no avail so I just wondered has anyone any idea whats causing this and how if possible I can fix this problem??

And now after 5 minutes with the blank cd in the drive fizzing about and clicking it get spat out and tells me to “Insert a Bland Cd” when in fact the thing is BLANK! arghhhhhhhhhhhhh Help!

Looks like you have a case of Dead-driveitis. For a quick check-make sure that the cables are fully attached to the drive. If so and you are using Verbatim or similar media I will guess that your CDRW drive has taken a powder and needs replaced.
The only other thing would be-have you recently loaded new software or had some sort of issue with the computer itself. Power supplies can and do fail too. Have you taken the covers off and blown out the dust? This is simple and should be done every few months to keep the internals cool. Fans are famous for holding dust, btw.
If all else fails a new CD/DVD burner will set you back about $60. This assumes that your machine can have one put in. Personally, I use Sony drives, but there are other good choices out there.