CD burning issues

Hello everyone.

All right, I have a lot of questions. However, I promise not to ask them all.

Basically, I want to burn some Mp3s files to an audio CD. The software I’m using is Cakewalk’s Pyro, though I have Nero, Real, WMP, and Musicmatch at my disposal.

I just burned a CD at 24x, and I couldn’t get it to play in two of my stereos. Then, I put in the most modern one of our 19.99 cheapies and it played. However, some of the tracks are dropping out. Sometimes I can rewind back and play over the part and it’ll be fine; sometimes not. What is more, the problem occurs at several points throughout the CD.

So, I suppose the first question is: Why is my CD dropping out? In the help menu in Pyro I think it says that the Mp3s are converted to WAV files. If this is right (it’s a little unclear), could this be the problem? That is, would I be better off burning a data or an Mp3 CD rather than an audio one?

The second question is: Why are two of my radios rejecting the Cd when the other isn’t?

Thank you for your consideration.


Not all devices support CD-R.

Burn slower and use better media.