CD burning issues solved with 1673/93?



Hi there! I’m going to buy a new DVD burner.

I read the review about the 1673 which mentioned bad C2 error behavior of the 1673.

Since I am using my DVD burner for burning CDs too (including audio CDs) I wonder if these problems have been solved meanwhile by new firmware?

I also wonder if the current generation of Liteon DVD burners is good at ripping audio CDs and copying protected CDs?

Thanks in advance for any infos! :slight_smile:


Check here -

and here -


Now that sound great as far as copy protections is concerned, thanks! :slight_smile:

How about C2 errors with audio CD then? I am going to burn audio CDs for my band and it should play flawless in any standalone player.


I’ll do a burn of an audio cd. What program do YOU use to burn Audio CDs? I will use same, as so to give you a better example.


I usually just use Nero 6.6. I had a look at the 1673 review thread and saw a link to CDRINFO also stating C2 problems with burning CD media.

But they found out that using Verbatim at 40x, which is the media I usually use, gives good quality burns.

According to CDRINFO the Liteon 1673 cannot copy Securom above 2.8 though, but I saw that you use 1693 firmware, so that could be the trick for the copy protection.

I wanted to have a look at the memorex (rebadged 1673) review, but the cdfreaks server isn’t reachable atm.

Actually I feel drawn towards the Benq 1640 for all it’s good features, but if the Liteon proves to be stronger in the CD burning department I will stay with Liteon.

Thanks for all the effort! :slight_smile:


I just saw in your other thread that you are using Verbatim printable, which is exactly the kind of media I am going to use for audio cds. :smiley:

Maybe you could do two different burns, one at 48x and one at 40x, since this is where the difference seems to strike.

So if it will work for you, then it should work for me as well. Please attach a C1/C2 scan result once you made it.


Here you go. I don’t think I need to a 40x test. The 48x speaks for itself. :iagree:


Also, it just keeps getting better, in regards to backing up CD Protection. Have just successfully backed up “The Sims 2 - University” (Safedisc v4.00.001) with 1673S@KS04 using Verbatim Inkjet CD-Rs. Plays in BOTH 1673/93S & SOHD-167T. Burner only needs “Ignore Media Type” ticked in alcohol.


I just brought the SOHW-1673s today, burnt 5 Movie DVD’s at 4X no problems at all, infact it kicked my old OptoRites behind in qaulity, you could tell just by watching the movie.

I just then burnt a Music CD with no problems at all, went flawlessly. No errors or anything. And the CD even works on my slightly sensitive DVD player.

I was using Princo DVD’s (DVD-R 4X), and for the music CD I used Imation 48X.

I also flashed my firmware to the JS07.


Hm, no errors at all, at least not when scanned with the Liteon itself. Coupled with the copy protection capabilities and small price it seems to be preferable to Benq and Plextor for me! :slight_smile:


Here’s the 48x Audio CD in my LTR-52327S


Well, looks like you got me now, I will stay with Liteon! :slight_smile:

But what makes me wonder is, how can it be that the 1673 find no C1 errors at all mwhen the 52327S finds 2568? Looks like an error to me! :rolleyes:


Rescanned 48x Audio CD IN 1693S.KY01.


So, what does this mean?
1673 is not a good scanner? :confused:


As you can see first scan was done in 1693S.KS04, last scan done in 1693S.KY01. Will rescan in 1693S.KS04 to confirm, because I did this very late last night(my time. currently 12:30pm 18/05/2005), so I am wondering if I scanned the correct CD :eek: when I did the C1/C2 error test the first time.


The last scan you posted was done at 48x instead of 4x by the way.

I noticed that all three scans have slightly different scan-ranges (74:28:xy), how can that be?


Here is the 48x Audio CD rescanned in 1693S



I heard from somewhere that only a CD-writer can do accurate scans on burned CDs.



I heard from somewhere that only a CD-writer can do accurate scans on burned CDs.

CD Burners will produce higher C1/C2 Errors because they generally have better error correction (Hello, there main purpose is to burn CD only). DVD burners generally still have very good error correction, but will produce lower C1/C2 errors (Well, there main purpose is DVD, so naturally its CD burning quality will be lower).


I noticed that all three scans have slightly different scan-ranges (74:28:xy), how can that be?

That I can’t answer at the moment. Have placed Audio CD in the same three drives and scanned with Kprobe, and each drive reports total time differently (74:28:xy). Whereas Nero reports total time in all drives as 74:27:17