CD burning is slow on PX-716a?



I have a new px-716a tla#0203 flashed 1.04u. I have no problem when I burn dvd but when I burn cd, it’s very slow. I burn successfully Mitsumi 48x at only 8x and Verbatim Datalifeplus 48x at 16x. Sometimes it’s only 4x with powerec. Somebody can help me?

P4 2.4Ghz, 512 Mb
p4s8x, ati 9000 pro
Maxtor 80 Gb
Plextor px-716a
liteon dvd-rom


Nobody have had this problem ?


I haven’t tried to burn any cd’s with my plex but you may want to inerst the cd and check out drive settings in Plex tools. I just inserted a Ritek 48X cd and checked the read speed it set to 8x instead of 48x for some reason. Silent mode will also slow down your burn, as will improper DMA mode.


DBoulay, what burning software do you use?

In my experience, CD burn with PX-716A and Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.1 is slow and troublesome. 4x, 8x and ‘PowerRec speed (1-48x)’ are selectable (not PoweRec, lol). But with PowerRec speed, actual burning speed is only 8x. Furthermore, compatibility of this 8x burned CD-R is quite bad. C1/C2 is low, but many CD/DVD-ROM drives cannot mount this media.

With other burning software, such as DiscJuggler4.1.1151, Nero, ONES 2.0.297, there is no problem.


Problem solved. ASPI was not properly installed.