CD burning, illegal song-swapping cutting in online music sales

I just posted the article CD burning, illegal song-swapping cutting in online music sales.

The growing popularity of CD burning and illegal song-swapping over the Internet has caused online music sales to drop sharply, according to a study performed by the research firm comScore…

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Maybe the music industry should read this closely and realize if they offer “instant gratification” and “the ability to personalize their CDs” and just sell every song on the net for $.99 or less, they would gain their sales back.

This report is definitely true… haha! No one will pay for anything…

There is an old quote… “Internet is free”

After the underhanded shit these big corps have put us consumers through on a broad variety of goods…I wouldn’t piss in their face if it was on fire…:7

You know what’s funny?I’ve probably bought more CD’s and DVD’s this year.I don’t mind buying the occasional disc if I already downloaded it for free and deem it a “must have”.That makes up for the hundred albums I downloaded that suck or are just “alright”.Either way They’re probably getting more of my money than they should!:7

Oh I forgot most of what I DO buy is from which means someone already bought it and burned they’re own copy.

Why pay for songs when you can just download them for free? You should be legally allowed to copy music and share it with others. It’s the nature of digital technology.

The study found that after Napster went offline for good in the summer of 2001, the user base of one alternative site – Morpheus – grew from one (m) million users to more than seven (m) million in just nine months.
So this reports assume ALL people on file sharing networks are pirates? :r

I really hate this hook and lure business process. When MP3s and CD burners first came about, there wasn’t this much buzz about music piracy even though they knew it was possible. Now that it has created a huge market for CD Burners, CD-Rs, and MP3 players the RIAA steps in. They want to be able to control not only the music being distributed, but want to cut in on the profits of other companies too. :frowning: