Cd burning help

I have a sort of specific question concerning Cd burning. I am looking to find a program (i guess?) that would enable me to burn cd’s not only without the 2-second pause between tracks, but without any pause what-so-ever between tracks. I am trying to burn a cd where there are several tracks that are all a continous piece of music with no breaks at all, and anything i have tried so far always leaves at least a very small pause between tracks. Any help on this? thanks,

chris mitchell

I have used Nero for that sort of stuff, you can even add fades.

You can use CloneCD if your burner is supported that is… CloneCD exactly copies the original CD so if there are no gaps on the original, there will be none on the back-up.

If you want to burn seperate files to a CD-R without the gaps you should indeed use Nero. Make sure you write in DAO (Disc At Once) mode and set the track lenghts between tracks to 0 seconds.


Yes use nero it is the best and do the job prtty good

thanks all you guys, nero is doing the trick nicely. thank you.

Nero easy cd creator you can choose by almost every program if you want pauzes or not

and if you so fill inclined you can use cakewalk or cooledit and pull those 2 second gaps out. Then ya can whatever you use to burn the cd. It takes a little practice with the audio edit programs. I use cooledit myself and have live cd’s that I have dl’d with no 2 second gaps because of cooledit. It s not hard once you figure it out