CD burning error

I tried writing some files to a CD and it had an error. I was using the Window’s CD burning wizard. I know the files are on the CD because it says the CD has only 600 MB free, but when I insert the CD it comes up blank. Is there anyway I can view these files.

Do you have anything like Daemon Tools or Alcohol installed?

Also, what media are you using?


I do have Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120%.

I was using a 700MB Memorex CD-R if that is what you are talking about.

OK, we might not have to deal with the media (Memorex isn’t very good, BTW) - can you uninstall both DT and Alcohol?

Both softwares are known to fool about with access to discs :slight_smile:

Sure, then what?

OK, I unistalled both programs. I still cant see any files and it says the CD has 0 bytes free space and 0 bytes Total Size.

Then see if uninstalling these softwares solve the problem :bigsmile:

I suggest to not use the enbedded windows wizard to burn files on CDs. It is similar to packet writing softwares like InCD, and it is not reliable at all in my opinion.

I suggest to use a regular burning software like nero or imgburn.

Well, I was on one of those Dell’s that are in school and that’s all there was to use. :Z

Geno has some good suggestions - CDBurnerXP Pro is a good free option.

There is the small possibility that burning with the softwares installed messed up the burn in some way.

Or, there may still be remnants of DT or Alcohol somewhere on the system.

OK, thanks.

There is also the possibility that Wondows’ built-in burning engine didn’t close the session/finalise the disc.