Cd Burning Error



I am having a problem burning a cd, I have a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-106D, when using Roxio I can play a DVD and burn a DVD…I can also play any music cd and burn a music cd . I can copy a data cd to a blank cd but I cannot burn a data cd in any way. Out of 10 try’s I actually was able to burn one data cd…the rest I always get an error.

I have cleaned my pc…I have also defragged still same problem, I have tried to burn in safe mode and I get the same error. I have tired Nero with no luck…it will tell me successful burn with nothing on it when finished. I have also tried NTI CD&DVD Maker it gives me a warning “No support drive detected.” on start up of the program, even though I can burn a DVD. I have not tried to burn a data cd in a long time so hard to tell when it started doing this. I really need to backup some important things on my pc but have no idea where to begin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks…


Use better media and try to burn at slower speeds - that are the keys to success.