CD Burning Disaster

Hi there. Hope you have time to answer my question , or put me in touch with someone who can.

I recently Burnt a CD for mastering purposes. I made a listen CD at 12X and a master at 4x. They both burnt OK, but the 4x has a skipping finaltrack. The listen copy is all OK. I didn’t listen to the 4x as I didn’t want to damage it - I’ve paid the price though, 500 cd’s later. I can’t replicate the fault and have never had one like it. Is it just a bad CDR that I used? Software? (I used Jam) or the cd writer itself.
I was hoping the problem occurred when they transferred the CD to make the Glass Master. Is it possible that it occurred at this stage and my burn was OK? They claim it is my CD, but I haven’t seen it yet.
Is the date of burn and/or other information stored on a CDR and if so is it possible to access this information?

Thanks very much for your input.
Tex Houston.

Can you elaborate on what listen cd and/or master cd is. Try using audio or data as part of the explaination.

What burner model do you have?
What brand name media are you using?

Never heard of Jam burning software. I can off the top of my head suggest Nero, CloneCD, burnatonce as alternatives.

Reply with the answers to my questions so you can be better assisted.

Sorry - I have a mac and an external Sony cd writer. It was an audio cd to be used for production.