Cd burning buffer problems with nero

Hi, jus wondering if anyone could help. I have a tdk dvd burner which i just bought on the weekend. it is an internal burner, but coz i use a laptop, i bought a generic USB 2.0 casing for it. i then connected it to a generic pcmcia usb 2.0 card. the burner reads fine but has problems burning. when i use nero toolkit (burner came with nero express 6 etc etc) to test drivespeed it reads at high speeds fine. burner burns cd-r at 48x. when i try to burn, nero says buffer underrun protection on. but the buffer level will drop at around 18% to zero before going back up. by which the burner would aleady have stopped burning. the time counter would just go on for hours, staying at a certain %. Or sometimes the computer will just freeze. The burner comes with underrun protection. I have already made about 15 coasters trying to reinstall drivers, software etc etc. can anyone help? should i change burning software perhaps?

make sure your computer if free of trogans etc… you need to be sure your computer is running smoothly before you try to burn. Also if you are burning on the fly from one burner to the next, you must not burn faster than the source player can read.
Set your caches to maximum. If anything steals your hardrive or cpu’s attention it will crash if the buffer runs out, or if your firmware supports it, you will get a underbuffer error and the lasar will stop burning till it catches up.
At any rate you must know your system is stable before you burn.

good antivirus, good pest removal… a respectable amount of ram… 256 is really pushing it… you really need 512 or better with todays demands.

Aside from all that… make sure you don’t have your cd slaved to another device… try to make your burner a master and your player a slave if you must… ideally they both would be masters.
Try not to slave cd roms with hardrives… if your system is a late system and if really fast you can get away with it… but its better not if possible… the controller will give priority to the master drive.
If your burning from your hardrive and your getting buffer underuns… I fear you have something really clogging up your system… like trogans etc.