CD Burners



Could someone tell me what the best burner is for "backing up" PSX, AUDIO, GAMES, and that can also OVERBURN etc.



Can’t say this enough, since I am really high about this brand, PLEXTOR!!!

Plextor is supported by CloneCD, supports overburning, top quality, what more do you want!



Hey DA_Taxman, which Plexor is the best, and why, do you know, I’m going to buy one soon!!!


I’m gonna answer that for you, the best burner is the 12/4/32 Plextor. It is SCSI, so you better make sure you have a card.
This burner is the fastest thing out there and at a pretty damn good price I might add.

If you don’t wanna go with scsi, there’s also the 8/4/32A which is IDE and a pretty damn good one too.

I can’t speak for many other writers, I know Sony is good, also heard good things about TDK, but if you want nothing but the best, Plextor is where it’s at. If you live in the states, try they have free shipping and good prices for plextors.



Plextor rules !! no doubt about that
but the Plextor 8X IDE works perfectly also
and a good (adaptec)scsi card isn’t cheap
so think before you buy BUT BUY PLEXTOR !!


Yes, Plextor rules!

But, if you’re looking for the max, today plextor released the 12/10/32 CD-Burner (12x Write/10x Rewrite/32x Read).

Do the good thing: buy a Plextor!