CD Burners - Good Longevity and data security?

Ok, my first CD burner was a Sony 16X (1611 or something), and it burnt over 3000 CDs with few to no coasters. Then I got an Artec wrr-4848, it wrote about 100 CDs before it quit, and half those were coasters. Then I got another Sony a CRX-230EE and it burnt over 3000 CDs also, again with very few coasters. Unfortunately it has now died. My questions are…
Which CD burners have the longest life as far as number of burns? I can still get another Sony CRX-230EE, but is there a better option for burn quality or longevity?
The Plextor “Premium” was always highly regarded but is no longer available under that name. Are any of their current models comparable?
I burn mostly bin/que files and data disks, with some SVCDs thrown in. My main concerns are longevity and burn quality. What would be your drive choice and why?
Are Combo drives (DVD burner and CD burner) as good at burning CDs as a standard CD burner? Do they last as long?
I know there are a lot of questions, and they probably don’t have straight forward answers, but I’d appreciate any input I can get.

Thanks for your input…

Hi and welcome,

my opinion: newer CDRW drives are made cheap. They don’t care about longevity. So, if you can get another CRX-230, then get it. I doubt, that newer drives are better.

Concerning Plextor: There is a Premium 2 out now. Pricey, and not widespread available.