CD burner

well i think my liteon 28102a has expired

it goes through the motions but leaves the cd rw blank, tried diff. software and machines


if not im in UK what cd burner would the panal recomend,

it would be used for backing up my kids games using acohol 120% or gamexcopy



Mr R

If you’re looking for a good all round burner, then the LiteON 52327s or the ASUS 5224a are very good at most copy protections.

Alcohol would be my main choice for burning software.

Heared some bad vides about liteon lastest burner

ASUS do a external usb2 cd writer (which would suit me better,

any reason why that is not as good as internal.

its the 52 24 speed job

Mr R

No, except for the price. It might be a bit slower though.

The latest 52x LiteOn models would be a good choice if you ask me.