CD Burner / Writer won't Burn / Write CDs

Roxio Easy CD Creator 6 is giving me this error: “There are no supported recorders available.” (I have a PlexWriter 16/10/40A with 1.05 Firmware.)

And it fails to burn CDs.

I have used this same hardware with no changes for 4 years. I have used this program for over a year without any complications or errors.

I uninstalled Pinnacle Studio 9 and my CDroms all disappeared from My computer and failed to work. I researched on the Internet and found that it was a result from an uninstall registry corruption that was quite common. The solution was to delete the data in 2 registry keys called UpperFilters and LowerFilters of

as found at this location:

It worked immediately. No further problems reading Cds in any of the optical drives (CDRoms). However one last residual problem results. Roxio Easy CD Creator 6 (with all 6.2 updates, and latest driveupdate version from December 2004) fails to recognise that I have a burner (Plextor 16/10/40A 2001). And it gives the error at the top of this page when a burn is attempted.

I already attempted to reinstall from the original Roxio Install CD of 6.0. When
it failed to let me saying that i already had the latest version, i explored the
CD to bypass the install.exe and manually run setup.exe which gave the option to repair, modify, or remove. I have completed the repair option, and rebooted. It still does not work. It does not recognise the fact that I have a CD burner.

I would prefer not to uninstall and reinstall, since an uninstall is what lead me
to the original problem. A repair should have taken care of that. It would not allow me to install over the top of the original - just repair. My theory is that there is still some registry issue regarding that key.

I’ve seen countless occurrances of optical drives disappearing and being fixed by the filter removal, however many people have complained that doing that makes their CD burners fail to write, and I have found no solutions for this residual problem. Does anyone have experience with this? Any idea from anyone? Thanks.

  • Aric

Welcome to the forum ariccougar.

I doubt your Plextor drive is the problem in this case. Somehow your Easy CD Creator installation went wrong and now the software cannot see your drive anymore. Usually it’s best then to do an uninstall and then reinstall the software. A repair option usually doesn’t work. Most likely your ASPI layer (the files that the software uses to communicate with your optical drives) got screwed up and a reinstall will hopefully fix this.

Let us know how things work out!

Great Advice. It works now! Thank you.

I’m not positive of all the reasons. But I definately uninstalled Roxio and all other burning software. I upgraded to the latest version of ASPI 4.71.2a and then reinstalled Roxio 6.2. It worked perfectly, and immediately I could burn CDs again.

Just for fun, i went back into the registry and looked at what changed. It seems that the upper/lowerfilters that i had to clear the values of the keys to get the CDroms to read and be available previously, now had a couple new values in them. I believe that every burning software probably will need to put in some value to those fields to get burning to work for it. Thats just my theory of why and how things began to work.

I like your insight about repair failing. Repair must have replaced some of the files, however it clearly did not restore registry settings where I needed. So now I’m good. Thanks.

  • Aric

Good to hear that Aric, happy burning :wink:

CD Won’t Burn Solution!!! - Windows XP

This could be the best solution yet for a burner that won’t recognise a blank cd when you want to burn music or data!!!
I discovered it through much time, trial, and error. I am holding my breath but it worked the first time I tried it and I have tried EVERYTHING ELSE!!!

Go to start and then to My Computer.

Right click on Drive E, your CD burning drive.

Go to Properties and then Hardware.

Double click SAMSUNG SV1203N and wait.

Click Driver and then click Update Driver.

Choose: Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)

Choose: Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install.

Reinstall ‘Disk drive’ driver by double clicking on the icon. It will be the only driver you see listed. Wait for finish, click it, then reboot.

Copy and spread this solution to every troubleshooting forum and web site out there because a lot of people are having trouble burning cds!!! At least copy and save the link to this solution in Word Pad, keep it handy, and give it to any who may need it later.

Happy cd burning!!!