CD Burner will no longer burn discs

Ive tried everything. I mean everything. When i first got my Windows XP machine, i had Nero 5.5. installed and it burned my discs with no problems whatsoever.

However, whenever i insert a blank disc to copy, it does not get detected. On some occasions, where the disc does get passed that stage i get errors such as “invalid block address” in Nero.

I decided to uninstall Nero and just use Windows XP’s standard burner, it seems to take ages to write, but in the end it crashes and Windows has to restart.

Strangely enough the CD-RW drive manages to detect non-blank CD’s with no problems so i dont know why it doesnt detect blank CD’s anymore. My drive is a MSI (Microstar) 52X24X52 one.

I dont know what to do.

You can go into CP and then Administartive Services then Services and on the right select IMAPI CD burning and right click and disable. This will stop the windows XP CD burning app. from starting up. You may have to reboot. You can then reinstall Nero and see what happens.

You may need to go into your Device manager and see that your burner is DMA enabled.

Check for any windows updates. Check for any mobo driver updates - whether their VIA, SIS or Nvidia.

You may need to do a fresh install of Windows.

Tried all that. But nothing works. Most of my blank CDs do not get detected.

Sometimes my CD-ROM drive cannot read my blank CD’s. Ive tried different media types, but to no avail.