CD-Burner theoretical speeds..please!


I recently purchased a high-end notebook, and I wish to purchase a CD-burner, unfortunately I have been told that if I purchase an external 52/24/52 latest cd-burner that I could not burn at the quickest speeds. Is there a rough calculation that I can use to determine whats the quickest speed I could burn at and hence this will probably determine which burner I should purchase ? I have been told that roughly the factors involve is the HDD speed ie mine is 4200rpm and the speed of the cd-rom which is 24 speed… Any advice would be much appreciated!!



The speed of the CDRom only matters if you are burning on the fly.

52*150/1024=7.6MB/s and that would be if the drive was 52X CLV which obviously it isn’t going to be.

I would think that a 4,200rpm HD could manage 7.6MB/s anyway.

I’ve got a 4200rpm HDD on my Latitude C840, burning at 48x (the limit of LTR-48125W) via FireWire.:bigsmile: