Cd burner that supports Cd-text?

Hi, new to the site. Cool site indeed. I am a big music collector,and i use EAC alot to rip my cd’s to the hard drive and then later burn them. What i need to have is a cd-burner that supports cd-text, my current one is a phillips dvd±rw dvd 8701. I know it reads cd-tex but it doesn’t show that is writes cd-text. If anyone can find out that’d be great.

And if you could recommend a cd-burner that does read and write cd-text and doesnt burn a whole in my pocket lol.

You can be pretty sure that it does write CD-Text.

What you need is an app that actually writes CD-Text , so what do you use for burning? Burrrn ( is a free app that does a good job & does write CD-Text.

To check a disk for Cd-Text you could try CD-Text Manager from here .

Nero does CD text too. That’s why I preferred my OEM version 4 to the Roxio 6 that came on my laptop.

I actually use Roxio 7.5 as my preferred music CD creator, but Burrrn is a good alternative for Audio CDs.

But does Roxio do CD Text?

Yes, wouldn’t use it otherwise.