Cd burner speed

i have a samsung rw48x. it says on da box dat it burns at 48x but everytime i burn a cd it burns it at 15x to 20x. why is that? i use easy cd dvd creator 6

the box says it can burn upto the maximum of 48X which means it starts with 16-19x and ends the burn with the top speed . check if DMA is enabled for ur drive and see whether the drive is connected to motherboard in 80pin 40 conductor cable .

And some HW details of your system would be nice. :wink:

…whether the drive is connected to motherboard in 80pin 40 conductor cable

HEY there, 40Pin 80 conductor.! :bigsmile:

yea dma is enabled. sorry i have win xp 1.12ghz, 320mb ram.

+When we say hardware we ask for things like chipset, powersupply, your drives, HW setup…aso.
+Firmware /drivers of above

Hmm… CD Coaster 6. Try to disable directCD (dont know if it is the right name for your “pocketwriting”)

dl Nero Tools (only!) and show as some pics;)

what do u mean show some pics? im not quite understading what ur sayin.

Sorry if I am not clear on this point :bow:

Just like to se how your drive reads CDs.


I really dont know how u r able to get 20m/s burst rate displayed in the picture u posted ? in my nero cd speed , it shows just 1mb/sec and the reading speed is not at good , just slow , but my drives writes very well but not up to mark

my dad would be buying ATA IDE-133 ANTEC cable in u.s and i will be happy if my drives improves a lot . any chance???

Have a read here:

BTW, you can dl CD Speed here:

datz what nero speed came up wit…

@pinto2 ,have a look at this . I first installed IAA ( Intel Application Accelerator ) and came up with result : Burst Speed 14m/sec and now after restarting , this is what i got

transfer rate was this

We are improving.!:wink:

-Folkkz_Worldkk-, try to test a “ful” datadisk the same way you did here. Also chose “write report” from the menu so you have all data to analize.
Nothing wrong with your drive as I can se right now. You just have to enable propper DMA!!! (read the link above).
-And check your ASPI-drivers as well.
-Dissable XPs CD-writing oportunity. Search in forum.

-arun_34- Read what i just wrote.
! Intel AA shoul NOT be used with -401, -411, -811!

For details about CD Speed:


@pinto2 , sorry i forget to tell ya that these are readings i got for my LG GCE-8481B ( i upgraded to 8520B firmware , so my drive could write 52x ) . my computer has intel chipset…

Originally posted by pinto2

-arun_34- Read what i just wrote.
! Intel AA shoul NOT be used with -401, -411, -811!


i wasn`t talking about dvd burner neither do Folkkz_Worldkk

pinto2 is this what ur talkin about?

how do i disable xp’s cd writing? i searched this forum and couldnt find anything. thankz

If you want to turn off the ability to using the built-in CD burner software that
comes with WindowsXP:

  1. Open up the Explorer
  2. Right click on the drive that is your CD burner
  3. Select Properties
  4. Click on the Recording tab
  5. Uncheck Enable CD recording on this drive

-Folkkz_Worldkk-, 09:34 min. is not a “full” data CD. Try find some other dataCD.

-arun_34-, I just wrote that IAA should not be used with those DVDRW drives. Nothing else. SURE you can use IAA if you want.
OC-drive? Hmm, I have no experiance of that. Can be haven or hell. In your case the latest, I suppose

BTW, niether of you have jet specified your HW-setup so its not easy to get a full picture…

-Dissable XPs CD-writing fully:
Go to Start Menu/ Run and type in “services.msc” without the commas ! Then find “IMAPI CD BURNING”, then double click it and change it to Dissable, then re-boot your computer. Done

-ASPI files you “should” have in XP:


I dont think it is of much use to let you my system config. anyway here they are
810 Intel Chipset Motherboard
8.4GB Hard Disk

i use windows98se

@Folkkz_Worldkk , create test data cd by logging F9 key in Nero CDSPEED and then test the cd from there .

pinto2 heres a full data cd…