CD burner SD2?

I curently use a SONY 140E and Clone CD. I’m looking fo ra burner that might have good ability to make backups of SD2 games.
My current reader is a Plextor Ultraplex 40x tho I usually use the SONY to read when copying.
Any suggestions? I am assuming that there are burners with greater capability to make SD2 backups.
Or is there a way to do so with the 140E?

I strongly advice NOT to use your writer for READING cd’s. The Plex40-reader you have is one of the best there is, so only use your writer for reading if there is no other choice. You’ll destroy your writer when using it as a reader. The laserhead is much heavier and reading asks to much of the mechanism, so your writer will die faster.

I don’t know which writer is the best for SD2-copies. Maybe wait a little more longer; it COULD be that Plextor releases some SD2-compatible firmware after all, and then you’ll have a great combo with the Plex40 and some plex-writer.

I have to agree witj Wannes because if you use the writer to read cd’s you WILL wear it out a lot faster and you would not be a happy camper, I found this out the hard way. Use the plex

get a acer 1208a(i’ve got one with firmware 9eb. with seamless link).

and use that one just for burning (isn’t a very good reader but burns anithing

and wonder ya

What reading/writing program do you like with the 1208?

i use clonecd 30011 as far sd2 reading 4xspeed fast error skip on 5 retries all others off burning max speed
all off have i nice copy 1-1

greetings B. from holland.

p.s from clonecd 2952 the acer is supported

Here’s a SafeDisc 2 supprted writers list:

Hope it helps you :slight_smile: I think the beste allround SafeDisc 2 copier is the ACER burners… They only lack in SubChannel Data reading (they can write it though), but for this you could use the Plex…