CD Burner red LED constantly on




I have this ancient CD burner with a Traxdata label on it.
The closest thing to a Model number is this: E118405.

The problem is the device ignores me when I press the eject button and I guess the red LED going on as soon as it gets some power isn’t a really good sign aswell.

Does anyone know what my drive is trying to tell me ?


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Check the IDE (flat) cable connection. :slight_smile:



It’s not that simple I’m afraid, I checked the cables multiple times.
I believe it’s some internal damage (no visible damage), I was hoping someone could tell me where to find a datasheet or any document that can give me a hint which IC/fuse or whatever it might be.


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As your drive is old its probably knackered, new drives are cheap, easy to install and are faster. Why not splash out on a new one. BTW there are no serviceable parts that you will be able to replace. :sad:


This is a relabeled Philips burner if I’m not mistaken.
But it seems that several revisions of burneres were released under the E118405 name (2x, 4x, 8x…)? :eek:

I don’t know whether a red LED is normal but usually drives only flash redly when something special occurs, like firmware flash.
If your system recognizes the burner you could try to reflash the firmware…


Nope can’t see the drive anywhere in Windows.
The drive usually lights the green LED when powered up.

If a firmware update goes wrong, does the LED remain red after reboot ?