CD burner probs

I have a recently purchased an"Acomdata" 32/10/40 cd RW FimwareT.KA. When trying to Read or Write. Have tryed CDclone,cdMAte,alcohol120,blindwrite I am getting a BLUE Screen. this may or maynot happen depending on what options i choose IE read subchannel data .The most Recent was trying to Write from an image file using Blind write .IT said"an exeption oe has occurred at 0028:C003B7DB in vxd ios (01) +000009EF. this was called from 0028:c14A68F6 in vxd cdvsd (01) +0000096" I think that the CDRW is Kaput. Take it back???
Have P2-350 , Microstar Ms-6119 main board , 256mb sd ram
Ati 7500 radeon also have LG 52 CD:confused: ANY ideas
Thannks for comments:bow:

try to switch the IDE cable (the one connecting the drive to the motherboard) for a new one.

Thanks about the cable idea . Have gone ahead and taken burner back and upgraded to a Pacific Digital mach 48; actually
a Liteon 48125w repackaged. Going to try copying Comand &
Conquer tiberion sun again hopfully no more blue Screens

congrats on your purchase of the LiteON drive. I think that you will find it to work quite well.