CD burner problem


I have a emachines laptop with an internal CD burner 24X capacity. i have a problem with burning CDs. i use nero to burn the cds and it seems to burn the cd properly and also says CD recorded successfully, but then when i try to open the cd and look at the files, the system does not even recognize the CD in the drive.

help plz.

What type of media is it? Does your system display error messages? Or does the drive keep seeking? Or does it sit there and keep loading?

I had this problem when I installed clonecd…sometimes burning applications “lock” the drive…locked drives can present you these errors…:slight_smile:

In my case…read it here on forum and got enough info to find where I could “unlock” the drive

try inserting the disk and hold control and shift down while the burned disk spins up…see what happens…:slight_smile:


thanx for ur replies. $CyBeRwiz$ the CD does not even load, it tries to load it once and just leaves it, all the other older CDs that i burned still work. it is simple WMV or AVI files.

ZigZagman i will try the idea u have given me…

thank you all once again for ur help.

Have you changed anything since they worked last? E.G changed media/ software update etc?