Cd burner on last leg

I just had a failed cd write attempt followed by the error message “driver error code = 02030C00h,” my question is if any1 has ever had this same message? I’m pretty sure the burner part of my drive is shot, it still reads both cds and dvds, plus I have an external cd/dvd burner so it’s not a big deal, but if you have seen this code I would be interested in your reply. thanks, Soul.

Hey Soul, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

First off, what’s the make and model of your current drive, and what software are you using - that error isn’t familiar?

Since you say it still reads CD/DVD media, the brand of discs and your chosen burn speed would help as well, since it could just be a media/burn speed problem :slight_smile:

thx for getting back to me. Its a dell inspiron 5100 and the drive is HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4241N i went to the dell site and did numerous searches and could not come up with a manufacturer name for this drive. im using nero premium 7 and i use the musicmatch program to burn my audio. never had a problem before, it just went tits up on me a couple weeks ago. i’ve had conflicts with programs and things of that nature before and have fixed or corrected the problem. I am compTIA A+ certified from the Cleveland Institute of Electronics. If you think you can really resolve my issue im all ears but I was really just wondering if youd ever encountered this error message. I got my laptop in Jan of 2004 it’s not new by any means, and thanks for the welcoming it’s good to be here.

o yeah i updated firmware checked my DMA made sure i had system aspi installed. ive done just about everything.

It’s an LG/Hitachi drive, probably crippled with Dell firmware. Laptop burners are not very robust. You did right by getting a full size external.