Cd burner not found? please help?



Hello there, Im new to this site, so firstly hello everyone.

I was wondering if anyone can help me with a problem with nero. For what ever reason it won't pick up my HP 8200 (usb) burner? I can't find anyway of manually telling nero to find it, and the auto detect doesn't find it either..........please can some one shine some light on my problem. I've never had any probs with the burner, and cloneCD works perfectly, I've even disabled DirectCD just incase it was that.

Or does anyone know if theres a way to convert divx to vcd format but use another piece of software to burn it????

Please can someone help, as i've re-installed the software god knows how many times and cleared registry as well. Also I can't seem to get any more info from the Ahead website.




Wich version of Nero are you using? If it is a rather old version (4.3 or so), the writer is not yet supported by Nero. If you have the newest version, then I have no clue.

Welcome to the forum btw


Hello there,

Im running , I quess this means theres no solution? :confused:

Is there any other software out there that does the same as Nero?



I’m no expert, so there is probably a solution. All I can say is to download the latest version of Nero Maybe there is a bugfix or your writer has been added. If that doesn’t help, you can look in the burning software forum and search for some info. And just wait a bit, there will be other people who know a lot more than me (on this matter :bigsmile: ) who’ll drop by later this day and help you out.


Thanks for the help anyway. I tried upgradding to a newew version or something, and my serial code didn’t work so went back to pevious. I will try, just hope it doesn’t hve the same problem.



Right, ive just installed and sure enough it seems to be detecting the burner now :slight_smile: However I’ve now got another problem, when I drag a file to be burn’t and it says “Checking file” it keeps crashing??? Im getting a headache now.