"CD-burner is dirty" Error - Brand New Drive

I bought a new DVD burner a couple of days ago and when using ConvertXtoDVD, I’ve had an error saying “Power calibration fail (CD-burner is dirty)” a couple of times. Another couple of times, everything worked fine.

As my drive is brand new, I have no idea how it should be dirty. It also hasn’t failed me on any other functionality besides ConvertXtoDVD, so I’m not really expecting the drive to be faulty. The drive is an AOpen DW1812P-470.

If anyone has any idea on what might be the problem, I’d much appreciate it.

Hello and welcome to the forum,

Sometimes you can get this error when the burner does not have great compatibility with a disk. Sometimes you get the error sometimes not. (what I mean is sometimes it does not truly indicate that the cd burner is dirty, it just cannot communicate correctly with the inserted disk)

Give you burner the best conditions in which to work:
latest firmware,
DMA activated
(new cable with I imagine you have and well connected)
good media (you might need to try various brands)
and low burning speeds

What is different when you use your burner with other software? do you burn CD instead of DVDs? Are you using RW media with ConvertXtoDVD?

Feel free to post a log file here, it may help us see what is going on.


I would start by using 1st class media (Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden) and burning slow (2x / 4x).

Yes, definitly upgrade your firmware to the latest revision.

Most of the time, these two will solve you lots… of issues :stuck_out_tongue: