CD burner failing



Lately, my internal CD writer that came with my computer has not been burning from my harddrive the way it use to. It use to burn at the fastest speed without any problems, but now I get error messages whenever I try to burn a CD. So I slowed the burn speed down to the medium speed and then the slowest, and it works occasionally.

Someone told me that my writer could need replacing because it’s about 4 years old. Ideally, I’d like to go ahead and replace it with a CD and DVD writer. Is 4 years about the correct lifespan for a CD writer?



HP Pavillion a300n
2.6 ghz
256 ram


Life expectancy uses to be measured in terms of “time of use” measure in medium terms, i.e., they forecast it based on average values.
It will depend on actual usage conditions and workload, so you are the one to judge about humidity, dust, working environement changes, worload intensity and global figures. And also about how you keep your system - hard, soft and drivers.
I’ve drives twice as old still working.
Did you try to clean the laser lenses?
Did you update the drive’s firmware?
Are you using compatible media?
Are you using quality media?
Just some of the questions, before you consider it as “lost”.


First check to make sure your hard drive is not totally fragmented and you do have enough empty space in your hard drive for file you are tring to burn and finally make sure your drive (burner) is in DMA position.