CD burner/ DVD player

I have connected a DVD drive to my pc but when its connected it
wont boot.I have tried replacing the CD ROM drive with the DVD
using IDE ,power etc but no joy.I have also tried connecting it
as a slave to the CD ROM but it still wont boot up.I have also
booted the pc without the DVD connected and when its on connect
the IDE but it only freezes.I cant “add new hardware” in windows
because I have to switch the pc off to do so and then it wont boot
up.The driver is installed.One thing I dont know how to do is to
tell the system config what the hardware is when its assigned as
a slave ie DVD ROM could this be the prob?All connections are sound.
Can someone pleeeeeeeeeeease help me I am badly stuck:sad:

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Might be a silly suggestion, but have you checked the jumpers on the back of your new drive?

There should be a diagram on the actual drive telling you Master/Slave/Cable Select settings - if the drive is connected to the end of the IDE cable, you need to put the jumper in the Master position.

If the drive is connected to the middle of the IDE cable, you need to set the jumper to the Slave setting.

You’ll have to remove your new drive again to check this - hope it helps :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, I’ll move this thread to our Newbie section, as it’s not really burning software related, more of a configuration issue :wink: