CD Burner/Cover designer combo, Nero and other programs keep hacking ID3 tags



Had Nero Express 6.something and it kept hacking up the Artist and Title tags, cutting them short. I had this problem years ago with Nero 5.whatever and remembered the solution - File>Preferences>General>Plug-In Lookup>Artist/Title Info Source.
Well, I’ve tried every combo of those now and it still chops the titles up. I went back to Nero and it STILL hacks them up, no matter how I set things. Maybe I need to go back even further?
Deep Burner does the same thing. Yes, I generally use the File format “Track Number - Artist - Title.” No, I’m not going to rename the files. Is this a problem with newer editions of XP, perhaps? I have SP2 and all updates.
Anyway, if I can’t get these crummy pieces of code to do their thing, how do I get seperate burning programs and cover designers to speak each other’s language? Is there a standard format for playlists or whatever you call them, and a good combo of programs that’ll burn a good CD and design a good cover? I don’t want to have to add tracks to the burner, save that playlist, and then have to remake the whole list in the cover designer.

Posted this at HydrogenAudio but nada replies. I’m back to Nero and no change. Very annoying. I’m using MP3Tag, also.