CD Burner Buffer Not Filling!

The problem I am having is a strange one, Im not sure whats caused it or how to solve it, but I’m hoping someone has encountered a similar problem or has an idea I can try.

I’ll give you all a little background information, I recently replaced my Samsung dvd burner with 2 drives a Sony DRU-800A (master) and a Sony CRX320E (slave). I was running them both off the same ide channel (which I know isnt the best idea, but Ive had no problems in the past doing this with other drives).

The problem Im having is when I start to burn a cdr in either of the two drives, the buffer sits on empty and I can hear the cd just spinning very slowly, of course when I finally give up and click to abort, the cd doesn’t respond and I have to force the computer to shutdown.
I originally though this couldve been because I was running both drives off the same ide channel, so I tried each drive individually and also tried the drives seperately on different ide channels and there was no change. :confused:

Ive also taken out both drives and reinstalled the old samsung dvd burner I originally replaced but that drive is doing the same thing! (so i know it cant be a problem with the drives themselves).

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated! :bow:

Software I am running: Windows XP Home + SP2, AVG Anti-virus, Zone Alarm Firewall, Nero and a few games (of course).

Hardware im running: Pentium 4 3.4ghz (s478), Gigabyte GA8PENXP (Intel 865pe chipset), Radeon X800 Pro, 160gb wd sata hdd, 1GB Ram and the two Sony drives mentioned above.