CD burned with CloneCD does not play

I found out that my clone CD contains the stuff but I am not able to read it ( in case of data) or to play it.
I started CloneCD I read it to my HD and then I write it to a new blanco CD.

More information would be helpful. If you can’t read the CD then how do you know it contains ‘the stuff’? What’s the game title? Copy-protected? Tried reading the CloneCD FAQ? What’s your writer and model? What’s your operating system?

In addition I must tell you that I found out that my CD was … blank. Nothing was written to it during the CloneCD writting-procedure.

Are you sure you actually wrote to the disc? Perhaps you just did a simulation burn. That mistake happens every here and there, happened to me my first time, just look into that, if this is not the case, then post a follow-up.