CD burned by nerocmd doesn't show in explorer


I burn a CD with nerocmd using the following parameter file:

–write ; select write command
–tao ; no simulation, track at once
–speed 4
–iso NRW0606 ; volume name is NRW0606
–drivename G
–error_log fehler.txt
–disable_eject ; do not eject disc after burning
–media_type media_cdr
“I:\Daten\Gemeinsame Daten\Tarifdisketten\NRW\CD 2006*.*”

The burning procedure finishes without any error message after displaying the “writing tracks” and “verifying” progress but when I try to open the CD in drive G: I get the message

“Insert a disc in drive G:”. Ejecting and reinserting the CD doesn’t change this.

I think, the CD hadn’t been closed - but why?