Cd burn stalls and locks

my pc is a dell dim 4500, 512 mem, pent 4 and 40 gb hard drive. my cdrw drive is a tdk velo 48x. using nero start smart . burn stalls and locks read on that drive also stutters. please advise.

Have you checked if DMA is enabled for your TDK burner? Go to your Control Panel, System, Hardware tab, Device Manager, IDE/ATAPI Controllers and select the IDE channel your TDK burner is attached to. Usually this is IDE 2. Now go to the Properties tab and check the DMA mode that is being used. It should say UDMA mode 2. If it’s not and it says PIO mode 4 instead set it to use DMA if available and reboot. Now go back again and check if DMA has been enabled. If it’s not then delete the IDE channel entirely and reboot again. Windows XP (I presume you’re on XP?) will now re-detect your drives and hopefully enable DMA again. Also, update your Nero version to the latest version if you haven’t done so already. Does this solve your problem?

thanks. yes, dma is enabled. nero updated and tdk firmware updated. what next? any suggestions?

go to xp services and disable windows imapi service

one additional item update to latest lero software