CD burn speed in DVD burners



I was just wondering why the cd burning speed on a dvd burner is slower than a normal cd burner. The cd burn speed for my dvd burner is 48x, but isn’t the fastest speed for a cd burner 52x? I have a SONY AW-G170A B2 burner. I was just curious about this, its no big problem.


Hi [B]kt90[/B], welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

I think the reason is one of marketing.

CD-RW burners were sold with the burning speed as the primary marketing parameter; people would buy an 48x burner rather than a 40x burner, a 52x burner rather than a 48x burner, a 56x burner rather than a 52x burner and so on…

The same is happening now, with 20x being preferred over 18x which is preferred over 16x and so on for DVD burners.

But the CD-R burning speed of a DVD burner is no longer used as a marketing parameter, so it’s not necessary to push the writing speed of these drives to 52x or 56x for CD-R burning, and it’s much harder to get a good burn at these speeds than at slower speeds, so the DVD manufacturers only offer 48x or even 40x as the highest burning speed for CD-R media, because it will usually work and people are not in general making buying decisions based on the CD-R burning speed anymore.


OK. thanks for your help.