Cd burn propely but can't be read

Hi all,
I’m new here and I have mission. I did some serche on the forum but can’t find the info I’m looking for.I need some expert.

A friend of mine was living with is boy friend on and other town they broke up. She burn her self a Cd with a lot of photo on it before coming back.

Now she can’t read the CD. She tried it on 2 diferent workstation.
She told me when she is puting the cd in a CD room the cd room don’t read that it.

I was wondering if any one have some tip on how I could a find a way to browse that perticular CD.


Hi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ll move this thread to the Newbie Forum, since it isn’t really about blank media. :wink:

BTW, you could try ISOBuster and see if that helps you recover what’s on the disc. ISO Puzzle is another software that may work :slight_smile:

Welcome to CD Freaks.

It there any chance that it is a DVD?

I din’t see the CD yet, she is supose to bring it to me at work.
I doupt that it’s a DVD but i’ll make sure if she finish by droping the cd to me one day.

I will also try ISO Puzzle and ISOBuster that might help.

Funy how people are, they ask you to help them but expect you to run after them after :confused:

been more then a week she ask me to help her but never brought me the media

Thx for help guys