CD Burn Mode Change

Hi All, Another newbie here.

As user name suggests - I am realitively green with computers although learning slowly.

My problem:

I have an original CD vehicle navigation disc that is recorded in Mode 1
I have successfully burnt copies in mode 1

I however now need to burn a version of it in Mode 2, Form 1.

I have tried with magicISO but although setting to mode 2 it still burnt in mode 1. I do know that is possible to do this but not how to.

Can someone help with which programme & detailed step by step (remembering my incompetence)

Help much appreciated, can PM me if you wish as I am still finding my way around this site.

Thanks in advance


Check this.

Thanks for that info - will follow that up soon, a quick look indicates maybe the answer. Cheers

Checked this site, downloaded programmes but couldnt make sense of them compared to description on this link, is this appropriate for what I require or is there another programme to acheive what I need?

Mode 2 is just mode 1 with less error correction.

If you’re trying to get more space out of your CDR’s, then just buy 700, or 800 MB CDR’s, or overburn your existing CDR’s.

Not dependent on space on disc. Some vehicle nav units (earlier) will only read a mode 2 version of the mode 1 disc I have. Havent done this myself but do know of it having been done in mode 2 & working fine.

Is the disc copy protected in any way?

If that’s [B][I]not[/I][/B] the case, you can just extract the files to your HD & make a Mode2 data disc in nero, the same way you’d make a mode1 data disc compilation.

No copy protection on original, have extracted files to HD & burnt Mode 1 discs from there with nero but cant find the ability to burn Mode 2 on nero.

Can go into nero disc info & determine what mode the disc is burnt in (have a copy disc of a different country which is Mode 2) but cant see where to change the burn mode.

As I said at the start of this post- I tried with mode 2 option in MagicISO but it still burnt in Mode 1 :confused:

Arr, I recall that mode 1/2 selection is in the disc options, once you’ve selected the “Data Disc”.

I’ll tell you more, once I’ve completed nero’s bloated 300MB Download to my work PC.

When you burn a new data compilation with nero you have the option to choose between mode 1 and mode 2 from a drop-down box (mode 1 is simply the default).

Thanks - that will be really appreciated. I await with interest.


I have nero express, cant find any Mode option within that programme.
Does it support it, or do I need another, if so which?


Unfortunately, nero express doesn’t seem to have that option.

The full version of Nero does.
Maybe you can download an older Version 6 full version/demo Nero (so it’s not 300MB download).

In NERO (full - not express)
Select new -> DATA CD
On the ISO tab select MODE2/XA

Drag & drop files + Burn.

Someone might be able to advise whether Burnatonce & CDBURNERXPPRO can burn Mode2 discs - both freeware :wink:

Edit CDBURNERXPPRO can write a Mode2 image.
( It can possibly load a mode1 image & then save as mode2, I’ll leave it to you to experiment ).
It can then write the image to a new CD for you.

Hi again.

The frustration continues!

Have just downloaded nero V7.7.5.1 (nearly 400MB - bugger it)
When loading to computer & it comes to serial number, there is one existing in the box but upon clicking “next” it indicates serial number has expired & requests a new one (of which I dont have). This programme is listed as demo 7 & in My Documents as “all_trial” so would have thought it should load ok.

Any answers to this problem?


Unfortunately, Ahead have decided to split the full-install off from the demo install. :a:a:a:a

The full installer (requires a valid Key to install) is 400MB. The trial version is only 200MB.:iagree:

It looks like you have downloaded the full (non-trial) version - (I downloaded it the other day, but I have a valid key :wink: )

Try downloading CDBURNERXP PRO - it’s only 12MB’s & can write a Mode1 image as a mode2 disc (or convert it, then write it).


I downloaded CDBURNERXP PRO but can make no sense of it. Seems to be a WinRAR set up similar to the first reply suggestion - which was the first one I tried.

It is probably me but I cannot navigate these programmes at all in regards to altering settings or how to burn. Really living up to my user name now!

I am now getting all these programmes on computer which I cant or dont know how to use.

Help Pleeeease with maybe some instruction on using any of these programmes??

What are the chances maybe of getting a valid number to start the nero programme.

Again Thanks

Have you installed CDBURNERXP PRO yet?, it’s a “.exe” installer … shouldn’t need to unrar it or anything.

Once it’s installed … start it from the start menu.

You get a blank blue screen.
Click on the white page on the top left of the menu bar.
On the new CD layout … choose your preferred CDWriter/DVDwriter.
On the menu bar -> Click File -> Write Disc from ISO file
Choose your existing ISO (mode 1 image)
Tick ON MODE2XA instead of MODE1
Tick ON Finalize disc
Choose your speed (16/24x is generally fast enough)
& then Write Disc.

Hi again,

Yes found the programme just after writing the last post, tried as you described & although burning in Mode 2 the disc wont work in my car (my car nav will play either Mode 1 or 2)

When looking for ISO file - I may not have done correctly - one part didnt make total sense & I guessed as to what to do. Cant remember exactly what now but was something about ISO image or similar.

If I open the disc file - the Mode 2 I burnt only has one box in there, - a good disc has about 5 from memory, is this something to do with the problem - files not separated correctly maybe?

Again advice appreciated on this.


DONE!! Have successfully burnt a Mode 2 disc using CDBurnerXP PRO using the sequence you described.

My problem was that file on H/Drive was in NRG form & not ISO (original disc was loaded with nero) so the first Mode 2 disc I burnt was copied from this & apparently Mode 2 cant be burnt from NRG - at least not with CDBXP.

I converted the NRG file to ISO then burnt that in Mode 2 form as described in you last reply & success!!

Thanks again for the guidence in this thread, it has been very much appreciated

Cheers :slight_smile:


Another satisfied customer :wink: