CD Burn Failure

My cd burner which burns at a max 48x has been failing to finish burning audio cds for me lately. i am using sony blank cdr media that’s capable of being burned at 48x, same that ive used before. i am using nero 6 and also itunes and both are failing. i thought at first it was an insufficient power supply because i was having issues with it powering my video card so i got a new one. the problems persist and i was hoping perhaps you guys can guide me in the right direction. maybe i have the device hooked to the wrong power rail? if so, which should it be connected to? also i will attach the error log that nero constructed after a failed burn attempt. thanks guys!

Try a slower speed (just for the heck of it), you could also try a “simulation” in nero.

Also, do any specific error messages pop up? Does the recording just hang/dump you to desktop? Try updating Nero (to or the new 6.6.x.x) Any version less than might be suspect.

Try quitting any applications running in the backround before you burn (log.txt shows you only have 68 of 512MB free).

from log.txt:

CdRomPeripheral : Generic DVD-ROM 1.0 d346prt Port 2 ID 0 DMA: Off

Just curiouse, but how is the DVD-ROM connected? If it is an IDE device, UDMA should probably be enabled. (DMA is not applicable to SCSI devices)

Also, if you are trying to backup a CD, it might be a copy protection scheme (just a guess, I am not a programmer/engineer so most of the stuff in the log.txt is beyond my understanding). Try burning with different data


For a good audio burn - I would suggest a slower burn - like 16x or 24x

Also look at the EAC burning program (free)at

It works GREAT!!