CD Broken..Heeelllppp!



Alrighty then… If there is such a thing as a newbie, newbie… then I am it. :wink:

Anyway cut to the chase. I brought a Lego Racers 2 PC CD 3 years ago, for my 6 year old son, who loved it and played it every second day… I must admit enjoying a few races myself…
However :frowning:
a few months ago he decided to snap the cd :eek: getting it out of the case. gggrrrrrr :a
Every day he is asking to play… and i have taken the cd back to the shop i purchased it from only to be informed the game is no longer available…
Is there anyone of you clever dudes :bow: , that can give me any clues… (ok I admit i dont have a clue)
When I first brought the game, being an absolute newbie, newbie, newbie. I copyed it to my hard drive, thinking there had to be a way that i could play the game without haveing to load the damn cd every time…of course nothing work, but now I’m wondering if anyone has any tips on resurecting my game…
I have legitimately brought this game and i can email you a pic of me holding it in my hand, so i’m not trying to be illegal or anything… but i would really like to resurect this game.
Even if you can point me in the right direction i would appreciate greatly. this is the first time i’ve asked anyone for directions so any advice would be helpful… :confused:


how exactly did you “copy” the game to your hard drive? did you make a cd image [as in a cue/bin or iso file] of did you just copy the files to a folder some place on your HDD ? is the original game copy-protected ? .i forsee 2 options. 1) if an image is on your HDD then burn to CD. 2) if files, then POSSIBLY create an iso from those files then burn to CD. all depends if the original is/was copy-protected



add/email me on and ill help you,

ben :slight_smile:


Get ready to embark on your first "Disc Reconstruction Project.First I will start by giving you a list of needed materials you can use to reconstruct your disc.

  1. busted disc
  2. Chrome spray paint/ or tin foil
  3. small roll of tape

step 1 First arrange all of your pieces together as they were before it was snapped on flat clean surface.

step 2 Spray the BACK of the disc or its TOPSIDE with the chrome spray paint anywhere the reflective tape is gone.If you use foil,make sure the most refective side of the foil is placed on top of the disc FACE DOWN so your drive can reaquire readability to that section of the disc.If you painted,let it dry.If you use foil,tape it in place and make sure all of the pieces are taped securely together.

3.)Coming back to your newly painted disc you’ll need to tape it on the top.(make sure
it’s taped good.)

4.Now you will need a data recovery program.Remember,you only want to RECOVER the data on that disc so it may be transfered to a NEW disc.So now we need to run a data recovery program on that disc.One I strongly recommend is “Bad Copy Pro” by “Jusoft”.This is excellent software for recovering data from corrupted media of many types.

5 Run the diagnostics test on the media to determine if ANY of the datas on the disc are in a recoverable state.Remember,before you put a bad disc in your drive,you may be putting the drive at risk.So you must decide if the data on the disc is worth trying to recover.Is the data on the disc easily replaced? if so it might be better to get a new disc.But if it’s unique in any way and cant be replaced,these are your last hopes for recovery.Also,If you are successful at getting your data off the disc,burn it to an image or whatever and get that corrupted one OUT as it is a risk of re-shattering


ok, good idea, but if he is going to need a data recover program then that will only extrat the files, and so he wont be able to play, i have advised him to add me at so i can help him,

ben :slight_smile: