CD Blow Up



Using my Plextor PX-740A on a WXP system, I was ripping a cd with Nero to mp3. Had done 3 cds just before. While waiting for the rip, jeard a loud noise and banging from the DVD/CD drive. Power off, removed unit. Sounds like CD is in pieces inside the unit. Unit cannot be opened. Anyone ever had this happen before and what are possible causes? Sure don’t want this to happen to a valuable dvd or cd. Any help would be great.


Haven’t had it happen on a Plextor, but an LG. Most likely cause is the disc was cracked @ the inner hub and as it was spinning it put strain on the cracked\ until poof, it shattered.


go for a rma; plextor will surely replace your drive.


Went for a RMA. Plextor said flat out they will NOT warrenty drive as they have found out CDs breaking are due to cracked or defective CDs. CD was a brand new 2cd of a 2 cd Eagles gift set. It had been played only 1 other time. It is the CD that is bad, not the drive per Plextor. That is all they would say on the subject. Call us back if you have any more questions. Not even send it in and we will check it out or any instructions on how to open it and get the junk out. Of course to open it up you must back the warrenty seal which screws you from ever getting anything replaced under warrenty. I cleaned it out and put it back in and it seems ok, but I will not trust it with any valuable discs at all. Will go out and get a LG and use that for main DVD/CD drive, not this Plextor junk backed up by lousy customer support. :a


I read a lot of warnings from many optical devices saying that the warranty is void if a cracked CD is inserted into the device or the CD cracks inside the device. I wouldn’t exactly call that poor customer support. I have witnessed a half a dozen people insert a damaged CDs into their CD-ROM drive and that’s the end of those CD-ROMs and CDs. I even warned two or three of them before they did that.

However, under your circumstances, I think they should have been nice enough to understand you had brand new CDs. There are is a probability that the drive is defective and some mechanical part is prone to damaging discs. I had an old plextor 4x which scratched up some CDs pretty badly inside the caddy towards the end of its life. I also had a few cheap CD-ROM drives scratch up some CDs too. Basically, you just hear a bad screeching sound in the middle of operation and it can’t read the disc anymore. My current 716SA cracked a DVD with a loud snapping sound - but it still ran ok and it was still playing the DVD back ok. Luckily, all the debris came out when I opened the tray. The center hub of the DVD cracked because of poor plastic composition and manufacturing process. Several other DVDs from the same publisher cracked in my DVD player too in the exact same way.


Customer support has nothing to do with this. The manufacturer, any manufacturer, warrantees against defects in workmanship or material. If you stick a CD/DVD in and rip at 10K RPM and it self destructs, that it not the vendor’s fault.

Run the self test and Nero for write/read transfer tests. If they work, consider yourself lucky and that the drive is still good.

Any vendor would deny RMA for the same thing. BTW, as a piece of “junk” I think it survived pretty well.


If anything, the manufacturer of the CD media should pay to replace the drive…


Any bets on Rhino records?