CD Binders and Carrying Cases for long term storage?




I’m just wondering what the concensus is regarding CD binder/carrying cases devices for long term storage. I currently have all my DVDs in cases but i’m running out of space, and a binder or case seems like the ideal thing right now.

I’m just concerned that they may be bad for storing DVDs disc longevity and damage wise. In case you guys don’t know what i’m talking about, i’m talking about these:




If you have to have something portable, then I guess those type are OK. I have two 320 disc and two 260 disc zippered binders that I keep at home for my second set of back-up discs.


I don’t have to have anything portable. In fact I rarely bring my DVDs anywhere. I’m mainly interested in one for two reasons, one so I can save space, and two so i don’t have to flip through every case to find the movie I want (no covers).

What would you recommend? Is there anything similar to a cd case, but with hard covers with hub holding things, like a traditional cd case?




These are not a good way to store anything. If you do use them, don’t pack them full and never store them flat (always upright). A much better solution would be paper sleeves in a file box, or jewel cases. The problem with wallets and DVD’s is that they tend to warp the disc, which is very bad.


This is what I use for storage of my main back-ups. The pic is a 400 disc storage unit and I have a 301 disc older unit. They store well and they also play what they store. :bigsmile:


i use wallets (big 200+ ones), double-sided vinyl sleeves in a box, slim jewel cases and spindles to store all my media. regardless of storage method, i haven’t had a problem with any discs (CD nor DVD) warping or becoming anything other than scratched by me.


I used to use a 240 disc binder but some of the wallets started to split from the wallet and the discs ended up going all over the place, I’ll be honest and say I just chuck my discs anywhere these days usually. Got myself a DJ box thing but it is hard to see what the discs contain without pulling wallets out of the case.

Would use slimline or even normal DVD cases but they take up too much storage space.


Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!! I gotta get one of those! :iagree:


I guess i’ll have to look at other options…

thanks to those who replied.


They also let the disks get a film of dust the longer they stay in the jukebox I know I’ve tried these.


This has been a big question that I’ve researched all over the place. I have about 1150 disk and it seems I’m constantly looking for more and more space. The short term solution has been to switch my collection out to Slim DVD cases. I triimed the artwork and this has saved space. Still, even thou I’ve cut back on Buying I’m running out of space. I think my Ideal holder would be slim jewel cases with Artwork printed out in a filing drawer system. The Disks won’t ben in those unlike the albums and paper sleeves.