CD Autorun



Hi, I am wanting to write some of my software onto a CD, but I was wondering how I could setup a program to auto-run when the CD is entered into the CD-ROM drive.

I have the program ready, I was wondering how I set it up to start automatically.

Many Thanks in Advance.
John O’Donnell


take a look at any games cd (for example, Unreal tournament),

on the root of the cd is a file called

autorun.inf (i think or autoexec.inf cant remember just of the top of my head)

when u right click on it, a menu comes up, choose edit

in there are several lines of text… that should give u a clear idea of how it works

basically the line


is the icon to replace the cd icon on mycomputer etc… pretty obvious… have fun


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You can use the prog called Auto Menu Studio pro ‘AMS’, you can find it on Twilight 38. It’s simple to use


ChaseZero, you forgot the most important line…open=
here it is, the complete autorun.inf contents to do it

open = folder\your.exe
icon = your.ico

if your.exe is in the root of the cd, skip ‘folder’. You can also take the icon of the exe, replace ‘your.ico’ by ‘folder\your.exe’