CD audo louder then DVD audio

Anyone got any Idea why my computer is playing CDs louder then any DVD that is played in the same NEC burner? I don’t understand it.
eMachine S2482
512MB Ram
Seagate 120g HD
ECS EleteGroup motherboard
integrated Audio and Video
Burner: D:NEC ND 3520AW E:Optorite DD0201

try looking at volume controls (bottom left hand side screen nr clock) and playing with the different controls (wav etc)

I assume you talk about commercial DVDs and CDs?

DVDs and CDs are not mastered with the same levels. Recent CDs, mainly for pop/rock, are mastered at extremely high levels, this can be done because the music has been highly compressed. DVDs, on the other hand, are mastered for optimum dynamic range, and thus the overall level is lower.

Nothing wrong with your drive or your system. :slight_smile:

thanks to both of for the tip and the info. I have been fooling around with the volume control for some time now and updated the audio driver a few week ago and nothing changed. It sounds like I will have to make adjustments to the DVD audio tracs as I rip them from the DVD.

use ac3filter. You can adjust the volume of dvd audio as you’d like it to be. I tried the link and downloaded the software. That seems to have done the trick.

Thanks to all S9068