CD Audio

I had posted a thread earlier that led nowhere, so I am going to tackle my problem from a new angle.

I have a Sony DRU-510 DVD/CD burner that creates CD and DVD data discs just fine, but it will NOT create a CD audio disc. The system just freezes at 10% or so. For a full list of my system stats and what I’ve done to roubleshoot the problem, look below.

Here my question: what is technically involved in the creation of a CD audio disc? What would a computer/burner be doing different to make CD audio than CD/DVD data?

My system: AMD XP 2800, 1GB RAM, Asus A7N8X MoBo, Win2000 (SP4). No conflicts found, burner currently slave on IDE2. All drivers up to date.

What I’ve tried: Switching drive from slave to master and vice-versa. Changing the transfer mode on drive from UDMA to Multiword DMA to PIO. Making the drive the ONLY drive on IDE 2 (Removing other CD-ROM drive). Changing software (tried latest Nero and RecordNow). Replaced drive. Took drive to friends house and was able to burn CD audio just fine on his system, returned to my system and same problem. :frowning:

The technical differences between burning audio
and data cd have nothing to do with your
problem, so we cannot help you on this forum.

System freezes are typical from drivers hangups,
so I would suggest you to change your ASPI
layer or reinstall your OS. Or, if you feel brave,
install SoftICE and break into the faulty piece
of code.