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Hi there!

One of these stupid questions, since I’m going to buy a CD burner soon (tomorrow?).

After backing up or copying audio tracks to a CD can I play 'em
then on every simple CD player (house, car)? Or has this player to be a special one that can playback CD RW’S ???!

Please response quick. Thanks alot.

If u burn audio tracks on a cd, you can play them on your home stereo, and in your car stereo, but I thougt that not al cd’r are playable in a car.
But u cant burn Audio on a cd rw I thougt.

Hope this helps you.

for burning music you do not need a special burner. But if you want to be sure you have a good burner (for music) make sure your burner can burn subchannels. This is needed for coping some music cd’s because they have a protection on it. There is one thing you have to know about burning music and that’s you have to close the cd after writting it, otherwise you cannot play it in a regular cdplayer like there is in a hifi and car.

Also if you are able to read subchannels you can read cdtext (= text that disappear on display if your cdplayer can do this)

You can burn audio on a CD-RW as well, though not all CD players can handle CD-RWs, especially older oones have trouble.

If you want to use CD-RWs in your CD-Player, be sure your CD player supports multi read.

You can read a lot of postings on this forum about the quality of the different CD bruners, be sure for yourself what you are going to use it for most of the time (when you only want to backup audio CDs you can stick to almost any burner, but if you want to make backups of games you might want to check out the hardware compatibility list of CloneCD, for not all burners are capable of copying protection schemes all too well)

Originally posted by Da_Taxman
You can burn audio on a CD-RW as well, though not all CD players can handle CD-RWs, especially older oones have trouble.

So if CD-RW are not always 100% compatible which media do I need to use then - CD-R’s?


a CD-R is compatible with almost all CD-Players.
Car stereos, that have a weaker laser unit, may not always read the cheaper brands, but if you use for example Philips Silver Premium (my favourite) you can hardly go wrong.

You can test a few brands of CD-R first before you stock up thousands of them :wink:

So, do I get this right that CD-R’s are more reliable than CD-RW’s
and should be the first choice? Is there a faq about the stuff around?


ps: I’m planing on buying a burner from Pacifi Digital 16X write.
Anything against this piece?

PPS: Are TDK’s (CD’s) any good?

some Kenwood CD players have problems with CD-R’s; all new Sony CD players can play both CD-R’s and CD-RW’s. for in car use there are brands that even play cd-r’s with mp3’s on 'em, so you don’t need a cd changer in your car!