CD audio writing program suggestions?

I used Nero for some years bc it was a nice all in one package. Decided to let it go a get something fat free instead. Imgburn does video_ts so there should be no more reason for Nero and i kicked it. Think i have 10 Nero OEM discs if anybody want one… :slight_smile:

Audio should be easy and i prefer CDRWin (Goldenhawk) - my first program many years ago but it’s rarely updated and only one of my writers work with CDRWin. Burrrn looks ok but i don’t like it. Fireburner looked ok but i don’t like it. If CDRWin (Goldenhawk) would take my newer writers i’d buy a license immediately

I wondered if there are more fat free quality stuff like the above for audio or should i just limit myself to one burner? I’d really hate that :wink:

Blindwrite is ok but only for .cue not .wav + data

What did i miss that i have to try… :smiley:

I use Roxio V7.5 & it’s Classic Creator which I like alot. Failing that I use Burrrn.

Acoustica CD Burner looks good but costs & CDBurner XP Pro (free) might be worth a look.

Thanks, will investigate those you mention. CDBurner XP Pro looks promising :slight_smile:

You might try burnatonce.

What versions of the OEM’s do ya have?

Are they all of the “Nero Express” variety only? Or does any one or more have an actual Nero Burning ROM app enabled?


BTW, there is a free little app from AVS that does Data burning to DVD’s and CD’s:

For audio, I still prefer Music Match 7.5 and now Burrrn.

I gave up on GoldenHawk years ago, after that whole “destroy your data” thing the author temporarily put in there to nail pirates. That just seemed wrong.

I used to use Roxio Easy CD 5 but it had all kinds of bugs, so I gave up on it too.

Yep, Nero Express but from Nero Express i can switch to classic Nero and saved projects in classic Nero opens there too. Last version i have is Nero Express 6.6

Thanks again for the suggestions for burning apps. I look forward to try them :slight_smile:

Not all of the Nero Express versions let you switch to the Classic Nero interface, right? Or do they all?


At least some of the OEM Nero versions don’t let you switch from Nero Express to Nero Burning ROM.

K. Thanks. That’s what I thought.

I have like a half-dozen Nero 6 licenses, 4 or 5 version 5 licenses, and only one or I think two of those were the full-on NERO Burning-ROM version. It’s kind of annoying.