Cd Audio sound and playback problems!help

This is the first time i encounter this problem with audio cd playback…
My specs:
WinXP pro SP1 (full updates from windows update)
Sblive5.1 with (EAX4.0 moded drivers and now latest kx project)
Kt3v with kt333a
CD-ROM Benq 652A with 52F4 firmware
CD-RW MSI MS-8348a
Windows media player 10 ----i uninstalled to version 9
winamp 5.05

anyway…here is my problem i play normal cd audio (quake2 tracks,Iron Maiden–Rock in Rio part1) and from 7 song on quake2 begin to skip like a corupt MP3 with some sort of metal mixing…anyway the song is played corupted…from track 7 to the end…Same problem with my rock in rio cd…The beggning tracks works and from the middle it make stupid noise…I play with winamp and wm9/10 …same problem on both drives and on the same tracks.Here comes the stupid part.I plug the headphones directly to cd-rom/cd-rw and surprise …NO problem at all…WTF is going on…I have windows about 7 years and this is the first time…all other file formats work great …no problem :((

both drives do this?

Head phones output jack is different than speakers…so it maybe a hardware issue either with your audio card or with the cd drive.