Cd audio problem

Winamp, RealPlayer, and Windows Media player can’t play a commercial audio CD. Nero on the other hand, can play the CD and make copy of the CD.

I’ve installed the latest version of WinAmp, RealPlayer, and WinMedia and I’m running WinXPPro.

Data CDs work with no problems.

I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall the CD device.

Any suggestions??



perhaps this will help. You wouldn’t happen to be using windows xp would you?:wink:

Thanks for the quick reply. I followed the thread you suggested and found it interesting. However, I had suspected the ASPI drivers since Nero worked well and Nero uses its own version of ASPI.

I downloaded and installed the latest version of the Adaptec ASPI and ran the ASPIChk - everything was in order. Yet, an audio CD still would not play.

However, since I have 2 burners, I disabling one of them. The audio CDs began to play as usual. My quess is that there is some problem with WinXP which doesn’t like 2 burners up at the same time.

There is still a minor problem in that the system should work with both burners enabled.

Do you have any ideas?


what burner did you disable and had audio cds play?

Thats wierd though because i currently have 4 burners hooked up at the same time and they work fine. 3internal one external. Maybe your ide cable is bad, or the burner you disabled is set on the wrong jumper?:confused:

Thanks for the interest in this problem, kwkard.

I used to have both burners working for a short time when suddenly the problem appeared. I don’t know exactly when the problem started since I didn’t use the burners for several weeks.

There are 2 harddrives on the primary IDE chain.

One of the burners is a Lite-On 32123S on the secondary master - there is no secondary slave. The second burner AOpen 1232Pro is on the First master of a Promise Ultra66 board - there is nothing else plugged into the Promise board.

I disabled the AOpen.


maybe your promise ata/66 card is conflicting with something else. Try taking it out and just having the liteon connected to the secondary ide as master.

Another thing you may try is to take a quick look at the audio cables connected to the burners as well as Window’s mixer settings. Media Player that comes with XP has the abilitity to play back audio CDs using only the standard IDE ribbon cable (no audio cable is needed) but if the drive does have an audio cable and cd audio is muted in the mixer settings, you won’t hear anything from it.

If neither drive can even read the audio CDs when attached together, but they can read data CDs more than likely, you have some sort of software issue. XP isn’t the most intelligent of OSes, it may be getting confused as to which drive is to be used for audio by defualt. I had a similar problem once. I have a Pioneer A05, Lite-On 48/12/48 (40x OCed), and a Samsung DVD-ROM. For a while, my system would only let me use the Lite-On for audio CDs (it would just ignore audio CDs in any of the other drives, with any program) I remember I had to unistall and reinstall Media Player, and that solved my problem.