CD Audio file to DVD




I have many CDs which contain language learning audio tracks.

When I open up the CD it lists two tracks as follows:

CD Audio Track 1 2kb
CD Audio Track 2 2kb

These tracks have been previously put on a 700MB/80Min CD-R. Instead of carrying around 20 CD-R’s I would like to put them on DVD which will reduce the total number of disks that I have to carry.

I have Nero 6 on my computer, but not sure which format these audio tracks are in.

Any suggestions please?



a) use exact audio copy to rip the tracks to uncompressed wavs
get it at

b) use this prog to burn dvd audio


You could rip them to MP3 format & get your 20 CD-Rs on to 1 CD-R as mp3. Depends what you’ll eventually play them on I guess.



Thanks for the replies.

I will likely play them on a regular CD player e.g. in the car or at home, play them on my computer or transfer them to my iPOD

I would like to maintain the highest audio quality while converting.

Any suggestions on how to go about this please?



A regular CD player will not play DVD discs no matter what program or format you use.



I agree with RichMan. However, some CD Players will play .mp3 files (or other compressed files) recorded on a CD-R. You should check your players’ documentation.
My guess is that you should rip them to mp3 format - in that way you can burn a lot of them on a single CD, listen to them on the PC, and transfer them to the iPod.
You can vary the quality of the mp3 when you rip it, most of the time. It is compression with loss of information, though, so it will be of somewhat lower quality of the original CD music.

Also, about this:
When I open up the CD it lists two tracks as follows:

CD Audio Track 1 2kb
CD Audio Track 2 2kb

Do not copy the files you see on the CD dicrectly. This will only copy very small files that contain information where on the CD the actual files start and end. You need to rip them - like using Nero or a number of other programs. This is implortant to keep in mind :slight_smile:

Good luck.