Cd audio copy - noob question

Hi Guys!

I downloaded CloneCD from Slysoft and made a CD COPY of an audio cd.

There were no errors during burn.

When I insert it into my computer CD player, it plays.

When I put it in my phillips CD player POD, it doesn’t (shows like it’s trying then shows 00:00:00 on the display. i can’t cycle through tracks or anything).

I have CDR80 blanks from Phillips (52 x 700mb).

My drive is a HP DVD Writer 300n.

I scratch up my CDs a lot…so i want to start making copies for myself. (if i ruin a copy…who cares!)

I don’t play songs on my computer. i play them mainly on the road.

Why don’t my CD COPY play? Did I mess up a setting?

Tried a different program (such as Nero, ExactAudioCopy)?
Tried burning at a lower speed?

Is there a copy protection on the original?

Is this an in car stereo system?

Some CD players just don’t do copies, simple as that.

I personally have had problems with burned cd’s in car cd players. While i don’t use clone cd for this type of project ( I use nero and Roxio for this ) I’ve found that not all applications close the session by default. Session not closed can give you a conflict on stand alone players even though it plays fin on your pc…I’ve experienced it.

To resolve the problem, I put the disc back in my burner and used Nero or Roxio to close it, it solved the problem.

That said, the disc was still not playable in my car, as it was an older pioneer which as Stoner remarked,some players just wont read burned media…:slight_smile:

Hope this helps…

Sounds to me liek your CD Player doesn’t suuport CD-R’s if they do now aday (just bought one last month) they say on the box as one of their features

The laser in Car CD Players is weaker than a computer CD Drive’s laser. I would reccomend better quality CD-Rs and burning at lower speeds.

Good Luck!

Hi bubbawny

Did you choose Audio CD profile in CloneCd for copying? If not try it.